HVAC Service and Repair in Chandler AZ

The right air conditioning system can help you lower your monthly energy bills by boosting your home’s efficiency. Choose from a range of American-standard cooling and heating systems with high-efficiency ratings.

Leaky valves, pipes, and appliances can result in serious property damage, skyrocketing utility bills, and sanitary/health hazards. Trust a dependable Chandler plumber to take care of all your plumbing needs.

Air Conditioning and Heating

Whether you’re enjoying a concert at the Downtown Chandler Stage or tooling around town on your motorcycle, you’ll appreciate coming home to a comfortable temperature. The right heating and air conditioning system will help you rest easy, but when it breaks down, you’ll need the best HVAC in Chandler AZ in town to take care of it.

Having regular AC maintenance performed by a professional will help keep your system running well for many years. Get your yearly tune-up today!

A new American Standard air conditioning system can help you lower your energy bills significantly. In a place like Arizona, triple digit temperatures are common, so you want to make sure your new system will help you save money all year round. Boosting indoor air quality is also essential to your comfort, and we offer radiant barrier installation in Chandler AZ. We also provide commercial refrigeration services.


Assists Lead Technician in installing, service and repair of HVAC systems at assigned facilities. Works with various types of tools, materials and equipment under the guidance and direction of the Lead Technician.

Clogged toilets happen as human waste, toilet paper and other items that are not supposed to be flushed get caught in the piping system. Sometimes using a plunger can fix this problem but when it doesn’t it is time to call a Chandler plumber.

EZ Flow Plumbing, LLC has a team of professional plumbers in Chandler with years of experience and top-notch plumbing techniques to ensure your home plumbing is safe and working as it should. Their services include repiping, sewer line repairs, drain cleaning, water heater repair and replacement, and more.

Getting new plumbing systems and equipment installed by expert plumbers is crucial to how your home’s plumbing functions. A bad installation job can cause leaky pipes, increase utility bills, and even pose safety risks if sewage is exposed.


Whether you’re dealing with a power outage, electrical panel upgrade or other problem, you need an electrician that understands the challenges of living in a desert climate. The team of experts at Wang Electric works with clients to present innovative electrical suggestions that fit their design and budget requirements. The company also offers free consultations.

RSB Electrical Inc. has been servicing residential and commercial properties in Chandler since its establishment in 2015. Its team of technicians is experienced in rewiring, circuit breaker replacement, recessed lighting installation, Tesla charger installation and other electrical work. The company also provides electrical system maintenance and inspections.

If you want to save money on your electricity bills, install a solar system in your home or business. This system will help you offset your entire electric bill, saving you $1,800 in the first year. The price of a 7.8-kilowatt (kW) solar system is around $18,000 prior to incentives. Alternatively, you can reduce your electricity usage to prevent high utility bills and avoid tripping your breaker.

Indoor Air Quality

Kicking back in a fully air-conditioned home after a hard workout at the Snedigar Recreation Center is one of the best ways to wind down a long day. However, if you suffer from respiratory problems or allergies, breathing in pollen, mold, dust, pet dander, bacteria and other contaminants is detrimental to your health. An HVAC specialist can install an air cleaner, which will reduce the amount of pollutants circulating throughout your home and recirculating through the ventilation system.

In Arizona, summer temperatures, concrete landscapes, and the city’s urban heat island combine with car emissions to create lung-irritating ground-level ozone. The problem is compounded by a dry climate, which only traps the pollution near the ground and makes it harder for the lungs to get clear. A professional can help manage indoor air quality through the use of an air purifier, dehumidifier and humidifier, and more. With the right solutions, you can create an environment where everyone is comfortable and healthy.


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